Your body is not a crime

Your Body is not a crime!

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My husband says, “It’s just Facebook, hunny”…

But it is not just Facebook. This is the society that we live in. This is the climate of judgment and shame that you encounter when you share images of human nudity as art.

Many social platforms consider your naked body to be obscene so the original version of this video was censored. Thanks to so many requests we have posted this uncensored version so you can enjoy the nude art as it was intended. –– A Video by David Bollt with an introduction by Christa Maier voice by Adrial Dale ––

Your Body is not a crime!

It’s punishable for you to share images from classic works of art or a figure drawing class or even a mother breastfeeding her child. Censorship on Facebook is just a reflection of the bigger battle you face when you draw, paint or photograph a naked human being.

We do not create this body of nude art to shock, offend, or arouse a mindless lust. We create so that all of us may come to see our shared humanity as a miraculous work of art.

What do you think? Is your naked body obscene? Is it a crime to share artistic images of naked humanity? Reclaim your experience of human beauty!

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Source: Model Society

Original publication 12 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 29th April 2020

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  1. There are some fabulous pictures here and all very artistic, but as a life-long male naturist, it does strike me somewhat that it is still more acceptable to show a full female nude than a full male nude. It’s just a comment, not trying to be controversial, maybe it’s just the selection presented here. Personally, in life in general though, I find this to be the case.

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