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You Don’t Have to be Naked Alone

In a few days, Saturday, August 5th, it will be National Be Naked Day in the United Kingdom. We had our National Nude Day in Canada in July. And we all celebrated Naked Gardening Day in May. It seems we don’t need much of an excuse to get our clothing off. The truth is, no excuse is needed. Life just seems better when clothing free.

I know that for myself, anytime I can be outdoors in the sunshine without my clothes on, the better I feel about myself. If I find my time for naked freedom limited, I feel stressed and my mood deteriorates so that I am less carefree, smiling less. It’s not that I turn into a grumpy old man. Rather, it is more about nuances.

In a Canadian private garden

I have three of my grandchildren down for a week, and prior to that, I had all seven grandchildren and their parents here for almost a week. During these times, being clothing-free is a rarity. Yet, the sheer energy and enthusiasm of my family keeps my mood up. The same can’t be said when it is weather that forces me to have my clothes on should I venture outdoors. Read full original article…

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4 August, 2017, 2:30 pm

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