Jessa and Jim on ABC's You Can't Ask That.

You CAN Ask That: A nudist lays it all bare


For this episode of You Can’t Ask That on ABC, they asked a whole bunch of questions to a whole bunch of nudists.

Jessa from the Gold Coast was down the line with Sally and Erica to answer listener questions. She’s a nudist, a naked yoga instructor, and she runs a blog called The Nude Blogger.

What was it like seeing yourself naked on TV?

“I have seen myself naked, like, way too much. So it’s not too much of a shock. I’ve seen myself naked on TV before so it wasn’t too much of a shock for me. I love the fact that it was uncensored. I think that’s super refreshing, so that was pretty fun.”

Did your family or friends have a reaction?

“Well, I gave them a heads up because the ads were obviously censored, but I said ‘hey, the episode is going to be completely uncensored. My dad was super chill about it, so I haven’t actually spoken to anybody just yet. I’m sure I’ll hear from them today and gauge their reaction. But it’s no surprise to them, like, I have the blog, so they know I post about nudity all the time.”

Do you ever get embarrassed?

“I mean, I don’t personally feel embarrassed. If anything, it’s more when you think about your family, because I didn’t grow up in a nudist family, and it was more on the conservative side. So, I suppose, it’s more so thinking about when things like that air and how my family are feeling. But I personally am nude in front of people so often – I’m a naked yoga instructor – so I don’t personally feel embarrassed or anything?”

Nudists obviously have to sit down but how do they avoid leaving skid marks on furniture?

“[Laughs] That was one of the questions on the episode last night and nudist etiquette 101, anytime you go to a nudist resort if you ever want to try it for yourself, one of the rules is that you’ve gotta bring a towel with you everywhere you go. So anywhere you sit you’ve always got to have a towel under your bum.”

Like a butt towel?

Like a butt towel, exactly. But to be honest, you’re not doing your business properly if you’re leaving skid marks; like, that’s just concerning.”

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Source: ABC

Original publication 26 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 5th April 2021

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