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Yorkshire Sun Society, better known as YSS, has one of the largest grounds of any British Sun Club. The 26 acres are home to a great variety of wild life; deer, badgers, foxes, squirrels and even peacocks! There are more rabbits than members, some so tame that they wait until you are almost on top of them before they move (the rabbits that is not the members!). Pheasants are everywhere, along with many other birds.

The club was founded in 1932 on 11 acres of rented ground. When the grounds were purchased in 1944 an additional 15 acres was acquired. Now the club has what it believes to be the best naturist facilities in the North.

The new heated undercover pool and jacuzzi are in full operation, and are kept heated for all year round use to go along with the centrally heated club house with the Anniversary Bar and quiet room. YSS is an attractive place for naturists to be at any time of year.

The members love to socialise and working together for the good of the club is just one of the ways they do that.


Carlam Lane
Cumbrian Way

Telephone: 07769 555 695 (Club Secretary, Trevor)

Email: yorkshiresun@msn.com

Website: https://yorkshiresun.co.uk/

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