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Yes, I Let My Kids Play Naked Outdoors — Stop Shaming Me


I’m just going to get straight to the point there: I let my kids play naked. Outside.

In fact, I don’t just let them do it — I encourage it. I think it’s really good for them. When spring finally hits, and the days start warming up to the point where it’s equally comfortable with or without clothes, I always give them the choice. “Do you want to wear a shirt and pants around the house today, or are you happy being naked?”

Invariably, the answer is a joyous “naked!”

I am always careful to ask the question in neutral tones, so that I’m not leading the decision either way, and I work very hard to ensure that being naked is not thought of in “naughty” terms (I avoid the term “rudey-nudey” for this reason).

I’m also not a huge fan of wearing clothes myself, which I think is equally important for my kids to see. Lucky for us, we live on a large property and the neighbors are a long way away. I want my children to see a variety of bodies, but particularly older female bodies, and to be familiar and comfortable with pubic hair and saggy breasts and bellies. Especially in an era when young people have access to a plethora of airbrushed pornography on the internet, I feel it is essential to normalize different body types. I also think it’s important for children to see their own bodies as something to be proud of — as opposed to ashamed of.

Our kids are’nt surprised by nakedness or trans bodies, nor are they even particularly interested

I often compliment my kids on the parts of their bodies that people do not normally compliment; I tell them how much I love their tummies, or how strong their legs look, and I never talk disparagingly about my own body in front of them. “Fat” is not a mean word in our house, and I only ever use the word in a non-judgmental way, as a neutral descriptor. I’m doing my best to raise kids who see the good things about their bodies — not the bad, as I was unfortunately taught to do.

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Source: Sheknows

Original publication 30 April, 2020

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