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2 thoughts on “Write to us

  1. I have tried to use this website and it will not allow bookings or contact as it does not show an anti spam code, I have spoken to Bernard, he asked me to email you as his internet is not working at the moment.

    Kind regards

    John Leroy

    Your site has the same fault

    1. Dear John

      Thanks very much for taking the time to send me a message via the NatCorn website regarding the unavailability of the message and booking pages on NatCorn and Lower Poulza Post.

      I have looked into the matter and in order to resolve the matter swiftly I have removed the captcha restriction on the pages. I have tested the message sending aspect as best as I can and believe they are now working satisfactorily on both sites.

      Thanks again for taking the time to help us with this issue.

      All the best, naturally

      Keith Gordon

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