Wrekin View Naturist Club Hot Tub in the Pool area
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Wrekin View Naturist Club

Wrekin View Naturist Club

Welcome to Wrekin View, aka (also known as) Crin Cottage; all will become obvious as you get to know the place.

Founded in 1963, Wrekin View is a naturist club for the whole family. The five acre site, situated in a quiet, rural, part of county, west of Market Drayton in Shropshire, surrounded only by hills and natural boundaries makes it the perfect setting for naturists.

“Crin” is a members’ club in which the members have great pride. The transformation from the derelict cottage and scrubland purchased in the 60’s – to the modern, well cultivated, well furnished grounds and facilities that it has today, bears testament to all the hard work past and present members have put in over the years.

Still to this day members lavish TLC on it, just for the sheer joy of being there. Static caravans accommodate some of the members but visitors are most welcome too. Chose either a day visit, or stay longer in your own tent or caravan.


Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 3LH

Telephone: 07534870444 and 07956761899 (between the hours of 09:00 to 20:00) The Club on 01630 685521 Please let it ring for a long time to give us chance to get to the phone

Website: http://wrekinview.org.uk/


  1. Would love to dip our naked toes into Wrekin views pool but the unknown is stopping us.

    1. Please don’t let the understandable fear of the unknown stop you. Contact the club, dip those toes, the pools are waiting. You will never regret that you gave it a try.

      All the best, naturally

      1. We tried the nudist beach on Rhodes last year and loved it so we are going back in July to Tsambika beach.
        Wrekin view is only 30 mins away.

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