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World Naturism Day – Nudist Record, July 7, 2019

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On Sunday, July 7, 2019, World Naturism Day was celebrated, set by the International Naturist Federation (FNI), and from the Catalan Club Association of Naturism the First Nudist Record was organized in 24 beaches of nudist tradition in Catalonia. The proposal was to make a day of promotion of nudism in the beaches of nudist tradition, to claim it, to demand more respect towards nudists, and to remember the resolution of the Catalan Ombudsman on nudism that asks the municipalities to ensure that nudism can be done in all the coastal municipalities and that indicate the beaches of nudist tradition.

In most of the beaches where the first nudist record was organized, it worked very well, with very good acceptance from the users and with a very good participation. Only on some beaches there were few participants, or the chain could not be made. In the vast majority chains of tens or more than a hundred naked people were made.
The result was that 1,932 people gathered among the different beaches, who had previously been handed a commemorative bracelet and had explained the proposal. In addition, as expected, a count was made of the total number of nudists in each beach that was more than 6000, a fairly important fact.

On some beaches a shared vermouth was also made and commemorative reusable cups of this day were distributed to sensitize against single-use plastic. For this reason the label was used in the networks: #NusxPlaneta

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Source: Spanish Naturism Federation

Original publication August 29, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th September 2019

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