Workout Naked


Working out is one of those activities that goes well with full nudity. The Encyclopedia Britannica teaches us that “The term gymnastics, derived from a Greek word meaning “to exercise naked,” applied in ancient Greece to all exercises practiced in the gymnasium, the place where male athletes did indeed exercise unclothed.” The Greek athletes trained in the nude as a tribute to the gods and as a way to show off their toned body. Naturists train naked just for the comfort of being in their own skin and of sweating without hindrance.

Get your Gear

What do you need to train naked? Well, your own body may be the only necessary item if you want to do body-weight training. However, you may want some small items to increase the efficiency of your workouts. provides a list of 7 equipment essentials to build an at-home gym with minimal space.

Workout Naked
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One question I’m often asked is whether to train barefoot or with sport sneakers. has a sound answer to this question. I train completely naked, this means barefoot, because I’m used to it and I find it more convenient. An interviewed MD from the article above gives us some interesting insights: “You can reduce your risk of so many exercise-related injuries simply by integrating some barefoot work into your exercise routine and training the muscles not just in your arms, legs, and core, but also in your feet.” If you’ve never tried, you should.

You may ask but If I do not have any equipment at all, and I do not have the money/time/possibility to get some, how should I exercise? I often work out with just a towel laid on the floor, not even a yoga mat. So don’t get stop by your lack of equipment, get naked, find a spot, lay a towel and prepare to sweat!


When you’re all set, the question, particularly if your are not a fitness guru is what to do? Fortunately, they are so many guides and videos over the internet, including free ones, that it should not be difficult to find a routine that suits you. Pay attention though that you may get injured if you are doing exercises that are too hard or not adapted to you, or simply if you are not performing them well. So, if you are a true beginner, seek advice with a professional trainer.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 24 December, 2020

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