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Women Who Hike Naked & Why They Do It

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Women Who Hike Naked & Why They Do It

Nudity is a double edged sword; everybody seems to discuss what women are supposed to wear and how much they should (be allowed to) cover themselves up. You read that right; even in 2017, there are still people in “developed” countries who would like to dictate women what they can (not) wear.

While there are places where it gets dangerous if you show “too much”, elsewhere you are going to receive frowns and bullying in case you dare to cover yourself, be it for religious or personal reasons.

Claire / Forever Chasing Wanderlust

She continues: “To me it’s very innocent, it makes me feel like a little kid. I feel like I am part of nature, all masks fall down, and it’s just me, as I am, my naked body connecting with the elements. It’s also pretty thrilling, as if I’m on an adventure.” Read full original article…

Source: Girl Astray

13 August, 2017, 10:20 am

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