The community college student successfully challenged the charge and won a £39k settlement from police

Woman cited for being topless in Loveland wins $50,000 settlement, indecent exposure case dropped

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A woman who was cited for indecent exposure by a Loveland police officer will receive a $50,000 settlement after the charge was dropped by the city.

Twenty-year-old Effie Krokos was playing Frisbee with her fiancé in her front yard on a warm September day when she decided to take off her shirt. Someone called police to complain, an officer showed up and wrote a summons.

Student Effie Krokos was arrested for playing Frisbee topless in her front garden
CBS Denver Student Effie Krokos was arrested for playing Frisbee topless in her front garden

“I knew my rights, I told the officer I knew my rights — this is a topless state,” Krokos said. “It was a hot day, I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.”

After receiving the citation Krokos filed a formal complaint with the city. She also found an attorney.

“In February, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decided a case called ‘Free the Nipple vs. the City of Ft. Collins,’ ” said civil rights attorney David Lane, who represents Krokos. “The Court essentially held that, based upon the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution,  anywhere it’s legal for a man to appear in public topless, it’s legal for a woman to do the same.”

Krokos said the officer who wrote the citation told her that going topless was only allowed in Fort Collins. “I knew that wasn’t right,” she said.

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Source: The Denver Post

Original publication 7 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th January 2020

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