Naturism in winter!

Winter Naturism


Winter is here, our naturist life isn’t over. Naturism in winter! Really? Yes, you can! You can do it!
Being human is first to remember that the human remains an adaptable animal to the wilderness. In winter, it seems tough, but our body is designed for that! Feeling the cold on your skin is quite bearable. The body adjusts to the cold. Shivering is a normal reaction to cold that actually helps burning calories.

But why being naked in winter? It might seem paradoxical to get unclothed in winter. Let me give you three reasons for us, naturists:

  • To appreciate and feel the perfection of our body.
  • To continue promoting naturism.
  • Because we are naturists who simply enjoy being naked.

So how do we live a naturist winter and survive this cold season?

At home

Winter naturism can just remain in the cocoon of our own home. Enjoying the comfort \while pursuing this pleasure of well-being. That’s great to not totally stop this naturist lifestyle. Rather than setting the heater at 80°F, a bathrobe, blanket or plaid can help manage the fresh air. We quickly realize that the cold doesn’t come from the modest part of our body, but more from the ends that are not always protected.

Try! Say naked after the shower, then stay naked longer and longer. Enjoy a breakfast, naked, starting from the rest days and lengthening on the weekdays, before going to work. What a good feeling! Find a moment to relax by undressing after a hard day’s work or effort.

Indoor Activities

In winter, naturists can also share indoor activities, naturist pool, yoga, club events such as bowling, restaurants… These activities allow to keep the social link between practitioners and to continue the openness of naturist freedom. It is important to contribute in a naturism socialization mindset. The more successful these activities are, the more naturism will be socially accepted.

Some saunas and spas can accept naturists. A great way to spend a full nude relaxing time!

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 16 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 26th January 2021

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  1. Hi I’m Warren gould I’m Huddersfield westyorkshire but Dorset born an bread iv traveled all over the UK from when i passed me driving licence an the girl friend i was with we hated wearing clothes when we were together even when we were at her mum’s house we were always naked an completely shaven always will be chest to toe It’s better that way we made a packet every where we went we went naked only goin to shop we had to wear clothes we perswaded her mum to experiment with bein free of clothes an her younger sister soon joined us a few years later we were planning to get married her mum an my girlfriend were involved in a bad accident an my girlfriend eventually gave updates the fight she died 3 weeks later me and her mum an sister stayed friends for a while but never could be naked again the scars were awful an never felt comfortable again. But it stayed with me for all my life i hate wearing clothes i don’t wear eny underwear at all summer or winter leggings t shirt jacket if I have to go out with scruffie me dog but warmer weather get off the main road to foot paths its clothes off still wearing me boots hikin though iv had several girl friends who enjoyed nudists way of life just their isn’t that meny places easily asses when ur only walking with ur dog especially with this corona virus about bein on me own are their eny younger females eager to participate in this way of life

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