St. Michael’s Middle School, Wimborne

Wimborne Sun Club

Wimborne Sun Club

Wimborne Sun Club Swim
Wimborne Sun Club Swim

Wimborne Sun Club is the long-established naturist club for Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding area (member club of British Naturism)

You are invited to join us as a visitor and then hopefully as a member. You can come along up to four times a year as a guest but after that you have to apply for membership.

The club operates on the tradition of voluntary service. It keeps costs down and pass that on to you. So to swim and socialise without any clothes does not cost appreciably more than any other activity.

Naturism  is a wholesome activity, not to be confused with “swinging”, nor is it a dating opportunity. You are expected to behave appropriately and to join in with the convivial atmosphere. Anyone who can accept this is welcome.

You can just turn up at our Wimborne swims but please bring some ID with you the first time.


Wimborne Sun Club
9 Merrow Avenue
BH12 1PY
United Kingdom



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