Women’s naked ski event

Why Wild Barn Coffee hosted an all-female nude ski event


On March 20th, you could see a full moon on top of Bluebird Backcountry’s West Bowl.

Well, 22 full moons to be exact. It was all part of a women’s event focused on one beautiful, singular goal: skiing butt naked in the backcountry. The cheeky idea came from Jenny Verrochi, who’s based in Boulder, Colorado, and owns Wild Barn Coffee. Originally, the whole event was inspired by Judie, the fearless naked skier on their coffee can. Verrochi and her friends thought it would be fun to have a day on the mountain to honor their mascot. Plus, who wouldn’t want to take a naked lap with your closest pals?

Unable to shake the idea, Verrochi got planning, spreading the idea only by word of mouth. One week later she found herself standing at the top of Bluebird Backcountry in nothing but her boots and beacon alongside 22 other naked ladies. The group—ranging from young to old—cheered and howled before dropping onto the slope below them, giggling as they arced turns through the slushy snow. When they reached the bottom there were smiles all around. Participants were already inquiring about how they could make next year’s event even bigger and better.

Considering that naked skiing is a sacred art within this sport, we had to get the inside scoop from Verrochi. Grab your tearaway pants and a cup of cold brew because we’re about to spill the beans on how she pulled off this massive naked ski.

What prompted this naked adventure?

Jenny Verrochi: The excuse I’ve been using is that we wanted to do something that honored the naked skier on our can. Her name is “Nudi Judie”. But naked skiing is such a part of this sport’s culture, heck, some mountains even have naked ski teams! Typically the naked ski involves a lot of men—which is not a problem—but that can be intimidating for some women. Given how objectified women’s bodies have been in the media and society, some women are just uncomfortable with the idea of getting buck naked around a bunch of guys. We at Wild Barn Coffee wanted to create a safe space for women to come out and participate in this age-old skiing tradition.

How did it come together?

JV: We hosted the event at Bluebird Backcountry, which was a natural choice because we sell our coffee there. The resort was stoked about the idea. We essentially only had a week to plan and didn’t want to make a big announcement. Word spread through friends and then on the day of the event we wrote “secret girls event at 3 pm ask us for details” on the chalkboard at Bluebird Backcountry. 22 girls showed up. It was incredible! There were all kinds of body types and ages. We waited till the end of the day and skinned up right before the resort closed. We all became friends right away, and the energy was incredibly positive and liberating.

What was your favorite part of the whole experience?

JV: There was this one woman in her 50s and she had an absolute blast. Following the event, she reached out to me and expressed that she wanted to be the spokesperson for older women. It made me think of the older women in my life that would enjoy it, and I told my mom about it. She told me that her friend group would be in for next year, which means we would have women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s out there. It’s great because skiing naked just makes you feel like a kid again, regardless of your age.

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Source: Teton Gravity

Original publication 28 April, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 28th May 2021

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