Spend more time naked

Why should we spend more time naked?


Years ago, when Amaranta Alfaro (38) lived in Kassel, Germany, she went for a walk with her son through the city. They were cycling through the middle of a park and on a curve, they met an elderly man who was coming in the opposite direction from them, walking completely naked. His first reaction was surprise or shock, even a little scared. He did not know very well what to do or what to say to his son, he only asked him to keep moving forward. However, meters later, they found another woman reading a book lying on the grass and without clothes.

They had entered the Fuldaaue nudist park, where the natural lake Buga-See is located, and they confirmed it when they saw a sign that said FKK zone. These acronyms represent an informal movement called Freikörperkultur, whose translation is “free body culture”.The eight to twelve million German nudists who are part of the movement say that in this lifestyle there is neither a confrontation nor an idea of ​​eroticism. Originally, in the early 1800s under authoritarian regimes, it was a philosophy of liberation that today has become a simple national pastime. The FKK began to settle on some German beaches from 1900. Already thirteen years later there were 50 factions within the movement, mostly from the left, that promote equality between people based on nudity. And they are not the only ones, those who practice nudism speak of this as a philosophy of life, where the beauty canons imposed by fashions lose validity and that helps, a lot, to the self-acceptance of our own body.

Ismael Rodrigo, graduate in Chemistry, member of the board of the International Human Rights Foundation and for more than 15 years president of the Spanish Federation of Naturism (FEN) said in an interview published on efesalud.com , that “nudism is a philosophy, a mindset. One is always a nudist, whether one practices it or not, because it is a person’s way of thinking about the human body. I think that everyone is a nudist from birth and then society imposes clothes on us and makes us think that there is something wrong with the body, but later some of us realize that this imposition is very negativeand we managed to overcome the barriers that have instilled in us towards our anatomy ”. Nor is it about going all the time without clothes. “Nudism makes people more communicative, it allows them a greater acceptance of the body. People do not realize how negative the compulsive use of clothing is when it is not necessary, because in many moments it is, and it is also useful, ”he says.

And of course it also influences the relationship of our body with that of others. In mid-February, the renowned American sex therapist Emily Morse, uploaded an image to her Instagram account @sexwithemily that read: “Advice for better body confidence: spend more time alone naked.” There he states that it is not necessary to wait for a sexual moment to enjoy nudity for a while. For her, the anguish that many people feel when undressing is one of the six most common causes why we do not have enough sex or relationships as pleasant as we would like.

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Source: Latercera

Original publication 8 March, 2021

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