Why people become nudists

Why people become nudists

Why people become nudists

Family Nudism: Google doesn’t recognize it!

Family nudism. If you search for it on Google you will find a lot of porn, but no serious article. If you go for a ‘safe search’ then no page will pop up. So, according to Google, Family nudism does not exist. That is kind of weird since we know many families that enjoy a nude holiday or beach or sauna together. So let’s dive into this ‘hidden’ part of the nudist world.

Children’s safety first

Maybe Google believes that Family Nudism, as a keyword (as it is called), only attracts the wrong kind of people. And maybe the majority of people that are actually searching for ‘Family Nudism’ are indeed not the right people. We all know that the online world can be rather scary regarding any nudist related subject. As a side effect, we truly understand that a lot of families run away when they see what Google thinks is a good representation of Family Nudism.

But the real Family Nudist world is far from that. And if you have ever visited a naturist campsite then you must have noticed that it is not at all different from a textile campsite. People minding their own business, or chatting with neighbors, children playing, etc. etc. And if you have ever visited a beach, you will see people swimming, building castles, sunbathing, etc. etc. There is no difference in behavior on a textile beach compared to a normal beach.

Actually, we think there is no safer place in the world to go as a family than in the naturist world. Parents are scared to run into paedophiles, but these disturbed persons are unable to blend in. The police officials we have consulted said many times that most problems regarding inappropriate behavior with children don’t occur at nudist beaches or naturist campsites. Most incidents (unfortunately) happen at school, churches, sport clubs and other places where some ‘authority’ can make use of the trust he or she has been given.

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Source: NTRSM

Original publication 26 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 14th June 2020

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