Our children stop being nudists

Why our children stop being nudists


Yes. They do. Not all of them. But many children stop being nudists and don’t go back to the clubs/campsites they visited since they were born. They have really great memories of those times there. But from a certain age they ‘loose interest’. And they hardly ever return. Why is that? Is there a lesson to be learned here?

We (parents) truly believe that naturism is one of the best things in life for a family. The freedom and fun in the sun is amazing. Not easy to compare with other things you can do or participate in as a family. And the children acknowledge this (sometimes after a few years). Still, they prefer to split the family in pieces into pro and contra naturism parties. This happens too many times.

School and friends

The chances of meeting another naturist amongst your classmates or friends are very small. And naturism and nudism (generally) is still something weird to be involved in, according to large part of society.  So, being in your teens you really don’t want to tell anyone about your trips to your local naturist club. You just want to fit in with the rest of the kids!

If you do happen to have a friend that also visited (maybe your own) naturist parcs, then you still won’t be willing to tell others about that. Let’s assume that you at least need a group of 4 or 5 naturist friends to feel safe enough to be open about naturism. With just the two of you, you will be the odd one out. So, that’s not going to happen. Ever!

The clubs are to blame!

Yes. They are. But we do see some movement to address this issue. You see, the thing is that most members of a membership club have children that are already living on their own. And the few families that can be found mostly have children from a younger age. Not really an interesting group to talk to or team up with. So you are on your own.  Or maybe with three or four others. They cannot build up a solid social life in the naturist communities.

And clubs struggle with the 13-19 year olds, since they may have the urge to wear a swimsuit, shorts or, well, anything to prevent others to get a glimpse of their not fully developed body. A body that gives them too much to be uncertain about. A body that is most certainly not suitable to walk around naked with. That is an absolute no go! Other members hardly ever accept their issues. They must have forgotten they had the same issues when they had that age.

And the parents of these kids are really not interested in filibusters with other visitors! They are really happy to be able to enjoy a little naturism time themselves. Time that was probably very hard negotiated for.

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Source: NTRSM

Original publication 26 October, 2021

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