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Why naturism is good for children

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Why naturism is good for children
Its regular practice improves self-esteem and acceptance of one's own and another's body, as well as inculcating respect towards others and the environment

Eider is a 22-year-old girl from Bilbao who has practiced naturism since her memory reaches her, when as a child she ran naked on the beach with her parents. He just paused "when he was the age of the turkey", because of his own body's shame, until at 16 he enjoyed it again because it gives him "an inner peace, a feeling that you are part of nature as you are . I have been lucky that my aitas instilled this to me: it is a human body and nothing else ". Among the benefits that are associated with the usual exercise of nudityis not only that of a more natural acceptance of the human body (own and foreign), but also a better self-esteem, a greater ecological awareness, respect towards oneself and towards others and even a healthier mind, so it does not exist no reason for the little ones not to do it freely. "When children are young, it is when they have to be taught that it is natural. It has an important educational component that school does not give you, "says Ibán, father of Eider. And Ismael Rodrigo, president of the Naturist Federation of Spain and advisor to the International Human Rights Foundation, adds that "depriving children of the vision of natural nudity transmits a disastrous ideology: that there are parts of the human body that are bad, that should be hidden, even if the parents do not realize it.

"Nudity must begin at home, in the bosom of the family," he continues. "At bath time it's an easy time. Although it is better to extend as much as possible, especially in summer. When you get home, take off not only shoes and part of the clothes, but all of them and place towels on sofas and chairs. At home, your clothes are your home. " If you have a garden or terrace with an inflatable pool, do not put clothes on the children, "and if the area is discreet, do not take it ourselves. If we go to the beach, do not put clothes on the little ones. And in the changing rooms, it is better that the children enter with the mother and the girls with the father, to accustom them to the nudity of the other sex ". All this will teach them to appreciate the beauty of the body regardless of its form, a process in which the role of parents as models is . "If parents show them that they take care of their body, that they celebrate and accept it by tolerating their" shortcomings "and appreciating" their strengths, "they are offering them a very valuable model." Eider, on the other hand, tells that from his gang of friends there are people who are naked and people who do not, "and you respect yourself the same".

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Source: El País

Original publication 2 AUG 2018

Posted on NatCorn 20th March 2019

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