Why naked hiking is becoming so popular

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Here’s a funny anecdote. Ever since the beginning of Naked Wanderings we now and then receive messages from naturists asking us when we will organise our next nude hike. A bit surprised we always answered something like “Sorry, ehm, we’re a naturist travel blog, we don’t organise nude hikes”. After a while it became just too strange that people kept asking us about this specific naturist activity.

It became clear when we noticed that we received this question almost exclusively from German naturists. The word “wandering” in English points more towards a journey, which can be seen both physically as mentally (that’s why we picked this name for our blog in the first place). In German however, the word “wanderung” leans much more towards actual hiking. Hence the confusion. When naturists from Germany found our website, they thought we were a nude hiking club.

Which we are not of course. Although we do enjoy a nude hike once in a while. And we’re not alone, other than those caught up in the language barrier there are lots of other naturists enjoying nude hikes. What makes hiking in the buff so attractive?

The idea that naturists don’t do anything else than relaxing next to a river, baking on the nude beach or play petanque is as old as naturism itself. Only if you’ve ever been to a naturist resort you know that pretty much everything can be done in the nude. Especially when it comes to sports and entertainment. Nude yoga is becoming famous world wide, we see more and more nude volleyball tournaments and in the USA nude 5K runs are a big thing at naturist resorts.

Sometimes we don’t always understand why a certain activity becomes popular among nudists. In France, for example, at many naturist resorts it’s now possible to do nude archery. Archery of all things. We’ve never tried it, so we definitely don’t want to judge. We just hadn’t seen that one coming. What we find a lot more logical is the mix of naturism and art. Artists don’t often have many options to work with nude people. As models or in the case of body painting as canvas. For naturists on the other hand it’s a possibility to learn about art and to be included in an art work. It’s really a win win.

During the constant search for more things that can be done in the nude, another very interesting activity popped up. You’ve probably already guessed it. Nude hiking.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication August 8, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th August 2019

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