Martin Gabriel Pavel

Why is this artist photographing random naked people in random spots on the streets of Vienna?

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Czech artist, Martin Gabriel Pavel, is photographing people stark naked on the streets of Vienna as part of his current photography project, Daily Portraits. Read the interview below to find out why:

Vienna Würstelstand (VWS): Please introduce yourself:

Martin Gabriel Pavel (MGP): I’m a 31 year old multimedia artist born in Czech republic. I’ve been doing the Daily Portrait photo series since 2011.

VWS: How many people do you think you’ve seen naked throughout the course of this art project?

MGP: I’ve photographed over 1500 people.

Martin Gabriel Pavel

VWS: Can you explain the concept of the photo series in a few sentences?

MGP: Each series has a different concept. In the last series in Berlin, 381 people were photographed naked, and those who were photographed, also took photos of other strangers. For example, I photographed Elle in her apartment, then I gave her my camera and she went and photographed another stranger in his apartment, and so on.

Heterosexual people got naked in front of homosexual people, a refugee photographed a naked older German lady. This concept was important, because of the wave of xenophobia happening in Germany caused by the recent migrant crisis in Germany in 2015.

In the current series, which has started in February 2018, I’ve been photographing people in Brno, Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. 100 people in each city. I’ve taken 334 photos so far. Brno, Bratislava and Budapest are already complete. A book of all 400 photos will be published in the summer of 2020, and an exhibition will take a place in Vienna.

The aim of this series is to capture a feeling, the atmosphere of the city through pictures of the naked body.

VWS: Was it hard to find people to get naked and participate in the photo shoots? How did you find them and how did you convince them to get involved?

MGP: I’ve found models through articles in the media and by posting in Facebook groups. It’s a snowball effect. People who already participated are telling their friends and spreading the word about the project.

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Source: Vienna Würstelstand

Original publication 24 December, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th January 2020

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