Six people clothed “normally” – and one naked person

Why do so many people think that nudity couldn’t be “normal”?

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Consider the (quite obviously staged) photo here. There are six people clothed “normally” – and one naked person, who is much like the others except for her nudity. Those who are clothed are looking down on the naked person with obvious displeasure and disapproval. Not only that, but those who aren’t naked are clothed almost exactly alike – even down to their bare feet.

What’s the reason for the very negative judgmental attitude of the majority? Is it because of the nonconformist’s nudity? Or is it actually because of how a nonconformist is regarded by the (very conformist) majority? I’d argue that the real reason is precisely the nonconformity with the majority, rather than the nudity, which is merely the particular way that the nonconformist differs from the others.

Six people clothed “normally” – and one naked person

But that just raises the question of why there is disapproval of some types of nonconformity, but not of other types. Nonconformity isn’t always met with disapproval. After all, everyone is a unique individual in various respects. This is true even if the way an individual differs from most others is a matter of personal choice rather than innate characteristics. For instance, the vast majority of people are not lumberjacks, court judges, or circus clowns. Yet people who’ve chosen those occupations are not disapproved of. Certainly not because of the way they’re different from most others. They aren’t even considered “nonconformists”.

It’s interesting how being “different” in a nonconformist way seems to matter often in matters of clothing. Anyone who doesn’t wear “appropriate” clothes in various situations, such as at work, is asking for trouble. It’s even more true for people who deliberately dress in certain “controversial” ways, perhaps associated with a minority lifestyle or ethnic identity. Most of all it’s true for people who don’t wear any clothes. There’s just something about variant styles of clothing – or none at all – that’s triggering for many people.

Nevertheless, not all sorts of nonconformity are disapproved of by majorities. Nonconformity is generally considered OK as long as it’s “harmlessly” different. The meaning of “harmlessly” is the key here. It’s not as simple or obvious as one might hope, so we’ll get back to it later.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 28 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 23rd April 2020

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