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Why Are We Still Resisting Nudity? An Exploration of Nudism and Naturism
Have you ever pondered the idea of nudism or naturism as a way of life?

In Western culture, there are very few laws specifically prohibiting simple public nudity and yet we are encouraged to think of covering the body as an obligatory requirement for social interactions. We cover our bodies for “impression management, style, panache, and careful bodily representation.” We even feel compelled through social pressure to wear at least minimal clothing, even when swimming, and other activities that really do not and should not require covering. But clothing does serve a purpose beyond covering. We use clothing and other accessories for an outward expression of our identity and group affiliations.

In the National Geographic Channel documentary Taboo: Extreme Living, Psychology Professor Matthew Westra spoke to the ideologies in the US surrounding nudity. “Nudity is a taboo in America because we primarily equate nudity or nakedness with sexuality and we have taboos about sexuality,” he began, “a lot of it has to do, I think, with the Puritan and Victorian heritage that we have, which says that any kind of temptation will lead you into hell.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Psych N Sex

Original publication JULY 29, 2017

23rd December 2017

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