Why are we so embarrassed about nudity?

Why are we so embarrassed about nudity? It’s the ultimate body celebration

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Why are we so embarrassed about nudity? It’s the ultimate body celebration

Naturism taught me not to be ashamed of my body, the president of the Irish Naturist Association writes.

Like other Irish people my age, I was brought up in a conservative society.

There were rules of decency to live by, and any group deemed to be outside the social norm – members of the LGBT communities, hippies and people with different faiths – were very often looked upon with disdain.

I carried these kind of conservative views with me into adulthood. Taught to fear my body and alternative ways of life, I never imagined I would eventually come to embrace naturism.

Why are we so embarrassed about nudity?
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Appreciating nudity

I began to appreciate the benefits of a naturist lifestyle much later on in life, once my wife and I had children. Every June, we holidayed in a caravan by the south east coast.

The weather was often sunny during these breaks and the nearby beach was usually deserted, especially during weekdays. After swims, I would take my soggy togs off under my windcheater, enjoying that exhilarating feeling of the sun and air on my bare body.

Gradually, I became braver and, when no-one else was in sight, often ventured to the water naked, hiding back under my windcheater when others appeared.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I started only visiting very quiet beaches, so I could feel the water all over my naked skin without disturbance.

To my surprise, there were other like-minded people who enjoyed the freedom of a clothes-free lifestyle.

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Original publication 30 July, 2015

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