Brazilian naturist

why are people concerned about the human body without clothes? (brazil)

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If the answer is yes, you really need to start wondering why. The woman who saw the naked swimmers in Taupō said she was “horrified” by the sight.

We need to be horrified by horrible things, and there is no shortage of people around. Be amazed by childhood cancer, sexual abuse, climate change and the threat of deadly pandemics.

Brazilian naturists

Nipples and penises should be the least of your worries now. “But does no one think of children?” I hear the Karens wondering in the deepest corners of Facebook.

Yes, Karen, I am thinking of children. Children who will soon be adults and will grow up with some really confusing opinions of what bodies are like, if we continue to restrict them to the bodies they see on pornographic websites or in fashion magazines.

I am not suggesting that we make New Zealand a nudist paradise, but we could be a little more open to that, for our own benefit.

This repressed and archaic view of the human body as something to hide and be ashamed of is nothing but a form of oppression, and there are many people who agree with it without questioning it

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Source: ANNLI

Original publication 27 February, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 24th April 2020

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