Why a double standard in naturism?
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Why a double standard in naturism?

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The article Musings about the Double Standard in Naturism appeared this June, but is certainly still worth a response.

It’s clear there is different treatment of men and women in naturism. The article cites many examples. But it’s no mystery. The fact is that large parts of the culture and customs of most societies around the world are based merely on historical, happenstance tradition, have scant useful purpose, and are too often irrational and silly. And once established, they’re perpetuated from generation to generation. That’s why they vary so much between different societies.

This is especially true of norms and customs having long-standing differences in the treatment of men and women. There is usually very little justification for most of these differences. But they indisputably exist, so the fact that they’re also manifest in naturism is not mysterious at all.

Particularly in naturism, of course, the differences need to be mostly or entirely eliminated. But this is very difficult, because naturists and all who interact with them have been shaped and constrained by the irrational customs of the society they live in. And what is considered “proper” or “acceptable” clothing is one of the most obvious and problematic aspects. The choice not to wear clothes at all is hardly the only choice affected. There are dramatic differences in the types of clothing expected to be worn by men and women in a variety of social settings.

This may even work to women’s advantages in some circumstances, such as in a workplace. Women often have more freedom to choose the style of clothing they prefer. This may include the acceptability of showing more bare skin from the neck area and arms down to the feet. Except, of course, at the beach or other informal setting, where exposure of one’s chest is usually forbidden to women.

Most societies are quite irrational in this respect, but it’s such a prominent example of the wider differences in how men and women are treated. Societies in general are rather unreasonably concerned with a person’s choice of clothing style – including nudity, especially. It’s true that people often make clothing choices deliberately to send a message – a statement of personal identity – which might be either of conformity or nonconformity. But that should be a person’s fundamental right.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 12 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 21st October 2020

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