Who goes bare?

Who goes bare? Here are the top nudist beaches in Europe

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Sun, sea and sand add up to the perfect beach holiday – and Europe provides plenty of opportunity to get a glowing tan as the rays hit your skin.

For some people, embracing the nature of the seaside means shedding all their clothes and strolling along nudist beaches.

Who goes bare?

To take the legwork out of those looking for a place to cast off their clothes and inhibitions, the website OnBuy.com has found the highest rated nudist beaches in Europe.

Crystal water
Playa de Ses Illetes in Spain heads the top ten with a rating of 4.8 stars on Google. Although close to the crazy-party island of Ibiza, the beach’s limited access gives nude visitors privacy to enjoy the crystal clear water and dazzling white sand.

England provides the runner-up highly rated nudist beach. Knoll Beach, which is part of the Studland Bay coastal region in Dorset has 900m of sandy beach, a dedicated gay section and a naturist bed and breakfast. Reviewers gave it 4.7 stars.

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Source: Northumberland Gazette

Original publication 9 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 19th September 2020

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  1. I was brought up as “nudist” from birth, and proud of that fact.!
    I’ve also unfortunately got type-(3) excema straight at birth, which nudism really helps in controlling it.!!

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