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When the red square was allowed processions nudists

After the 1917 revolution, Red square has seen a radical new demonstrations: nudists and athletes. Let’s start with the latter. In the early 1920s, the Soviet Union turned a powerful promotion of physical culture: the country began to appear-themed photo exhibition, posters, conducted lectures and discussions about the benefits of physical education, also spoke about this on the radio, in the press and in the movies. But, of course, the most impressive steel sports events and parades of athletes (similar to military) — at that time a new phenomenon and very unusual.

the First such parade was in Moscow, Lenin in may 1919, In the 1930s, the promotion of physical education was gaining momentum. In 1937, the parade of athletes on red square in Moscow had the status of “Union” and it was attended by 45 thousand boys and girls from 11 Soviet republics. On the Mausoleum stood for “best friend of Soviet athletes,” comrade Stalin. A year later, a similar parade with posters “shout out to my Stalin!” were 35 thousand people, and the head column of the 450 athletes were called “Our first MP – Stalin!”.

When the red square was allowed processions nudists
When the red square was allowed processions nudists

the Newspaper “Izvestia” argued that these parades – “a new art form, monumental, Grand, in which theatre, ballet, Opera, painting, sculpture, music, song synthetically connected, subject to physical action.” Young people in shorts and colorful t-shirts (and young men often without them), with banners and in the form of different colors, smart – he made a lasting impression. Even skiers (the ski has attached bearings) participated in the parades. Some athletes, passing the Mausoleum, demonstrated gymnastic exercises on the bar. All the action lasted several hours. And it has reached their goals – not only for sports but also for propaganda. Seeing the parade of athletes, 1938, the French writer Andre Gide said: “How not to admire a country and a regime capable of such young people to create!”

the Promotion of physical education in the Soviet Union had military significance, preparing to serve in the army healthy and strong recruits. Many sports clubs have conducted the Patriotic educational work, a paramilitary nature. One of the columns of the parade on red square, 1938 (representing Belarus) was even called “the War we don’t want, but are ready for battle!” And the Ukrainians spoke on “defense Outpost in the West.” Another performance (the Institute of physical culture to them. Stalin) was done on “If tomorrow the war” and included exercises in fencing. There were columns of athletes in gas masks, and rifles, and even a small “military” kids groups: some children riding on toy carts with fake machine guns, and drove the carts instead of horses the other children.

At that time, the public has almost forgotten about the marches in Central Moscow and other cities of activists of the “Down with shame”. Radical society of nudists with the same name operated in 1924-1925, while the public has not achieved the bare terminations of the shares. Nudists totally Nude (except with bandages “Down with shame”) came into trams and trains, in shops (the audience shrieking ran). They felt shame, a product of bourgeois ethics that prevents people to experience the freedom and the equality between them. The leader of the movement was Karl Radek, a friend of Trotsky.

“We are the children of the sun and air!”, — declared nudists to the people, appearing before them on the same red square or other places. “We, the Communards, don’t need clothes to cover up the beauty of the body!”, — they said. The Painter N. Severtsova Gabrichevsky described the reaction of the Soviet people into “children of the sun”, “Someone laughed to tears, someone spat. The old woman was baptized, saying, “the Apocalypse! The end of the world!” and helplessly asking: “What is it? And we were forced to undress?” Many members of the Komsomol has actively supported the society and generally aspired to sexual liberation. “Every Komsomolets can and should satisfy their sexual needs”, and “each member is obliged to go to meet him, otherwise it is bourgeois,” was the Komsomol campaign materials.

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Source: Global News

Original publication 26 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 25th February 2020

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