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When I Knew I Was A Naturist
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When I knew I was a naturist, it was long after I got comfortable being nude. I grew up exploring the wilderness areas of the Midwest, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains. On warm days you stripped and jumped in the water. There was no thought involved, it was a natural as the unspoiled lands we travelled through. But even with that backdrop, it was not until years later, and thousands of miles away, that the lightbulb went off about what naturism was, and what social nudity and body acceptance could do for a person’s mental health and physical wellbeing.

Travelling through Europe I found myself in a small town and was befriended by two locals who showed me the area for a couple of days. It was a wonderful experience. The night before I left one of them remarked about where I was from, the frozen north country, and declared “you must experience our local sauna.” I grew up with wood-fired saunas near clear, cold lakes, so I did not need to be convinced and we set off.

What I found there changed my life. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Midwest Naturist Campers

21st November 2017

2 thoughts on “When I Knew I Was A Naturist

  1. I grew up with the nude=lust propaganda impregnated, but nevertheless I started going nude alone in the woods and creek as a teen, then worked in isolated fields and woods naked sometimes. but wasn’t till 5 years ago I noticed a mention of nude gardening day and it sparked my interest, been there done that already but didn’t know a day was dedicated to it. With further investigation I ran into the idea of Christian naturism. My mind being impregnated with the lust connection I couldn’t imagine how the two could possibly be put together. But more investigation and it dawned on me that God invented naturism in the beginning, then told Isaiah to go back to it for 3 years, I can be privileged to run naked all I want and throw lust to the wind along with the clothes, and only be following God’s original plan for me. So I finally identified with a named practice, naturism, that was originally just normal everyday life until it got sidelined and needed a name to distinguish it from the new normal of fabric covered.

  2. Nudity has been around since Adam and Eve. Think about it… There should not be any shame in a persons body. Do you think God is ashamed of what he made.

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