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WhatsApp nudist claims he preaches “a new religion”

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The man has been recorded in tourist areas and monuments of Granada and Malaga walking, with his arms raised and completely naked

If you are in a WhatsApp or Telegram group , you surely know who we are referring to, because your videos have been viral in recent days. The most recent was recorded by a taxi driver who was working at the Malaga Airport and who stops next to a man walking down the road completely naked. The conversation between the two is surreal:

“Friend, do you want a taxi?” Asks the taxi driver from inside the car.

“Good morning, taxi. Thank you gentleman, but I have my car here, in the parking lot”, the nudist responds.

The naked man reappears this time at Malaga airport

“Ah, you have the car there.”

“I appreciate it,” adds the traveler.

“Nothing, go well. You’re cool!”, The taxi driver snaps.

The exhibitionist from Granada reappears this time next to the Patio de los Leones de la Alhambra

“It’s fucking in the sun. It gives you a high!”, Says the man, who raises both arms and continues on his way

“Go well for you,” says the taxi driver goodbye, who then launches his authentic diagnosis: “Don’t see how the kid in the pot is doing.”

The singular protagonist of this scene is an individual who in recent weeks appears in tourist areas and monuments of Andalusia walking completely naked and who has starred in different police interventions. An exhibitionism with which he assures that he intends to “preach a new religion . “

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Source: El Mundo

Original publication 28 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 5th November 2020

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