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What’s More Comfortable Than Being Naked? Being Naked In A Nudist Setting!


In a previous post, I addressed the issue of the struggles we face as nudists embracing a nudist lifestyle. As I was lying naked on my couch sipping some tea, I remembered how cool it was to stay in a nudist setting. You don’t have to struggle with the idea of somebody seeing you naked, and potentially judging you wrongly. And one idea led to the other. If being naked is the most comfortable clothing option, being naked in a nudist setting brings another layer of comfort: the social one.

Physically Comfortable

Discovering a new world

Physical comfort is generally why you come to nudism. Being naked is really, really comfortable. No wet and soggy swimsuit when you go swimming. No clothes between the air, the sun and your skin. No skin rash due to constant chaffing of fabric. Just pure freedom.

I remember that as a kid, when my parents and I arrived on this naked beach, and my parents completely undressed, the moment felt awkward. Although my mother asked me to get naked and not to be sissy, it felt weird. But everybody was naked, and nobody was watching us. This feeling of weirdness lasted a few minutes and was replaced by normalcy. Yes, being naked on that beach felt totally normal. Not only normal, really cool! That experience sealed my allegiance to nudism. Back to our rentals on that day, I remembered taking a shower and staying naked to play on the terrace.

Wanting more of the new world

Years later, as a young adult, I experienced the same feeling of normalcy and comfort when I undressed completely on the nude beach I went to. The second part of my nudist life was beginning. Since that day, the physical comfort of nudity has never ceased.

However, this comfort induced hormones and neurotransmitters that provided my brain with powerful mechanisms to want more of it. If nudity was so comfortable, why not having more of it. Beyond the beach, I started to stay naked at home, to seize any opportunity to undress and to look for ways to get more nude time.

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Source: Nude and Happy

Original publication 20 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 25th May 2021

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