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What’s it like to go to a family nude swimming session?

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“At my first event, I slung a towel over my shoulder and went down for breakfast – naked.”

Events organiser Pamela Fraser, 27, went to her first naturism event 14 months ago. She’s been to 20 since.

Spa days, archery, yoga, cider-tasting and even a Fawlty Towers-themed night with actors playing Basil, Sybil and Manuel – all without an item of clothing in sight.

She describes the first time she got naked at a large gathering as a “non-event’, adding “you soon realise people aren’t interested in what you look like.”

Pamela Fraser says she has "never been worried about what I look like"
Pamela Fraser
Pamela Fraser
Pamela Fraser says she has “never been worried about what I look like”

On Saturday [2 March 2019], she’ll join around 300 others of all ages, paying up to £21 for a skinny dip at Blackpool’s Sandcastle Water Park.

“It’s no different to going swimming with your costume on,” Pamela believes. “A lot of female costumes don’t hide much anyway.”

So why take your clothes off?

“The whole idea is you’re stepping back from the stress of life and the feeling that you have to fit into a certain mould.”

“You wouldn’t take your work clothes with you when you go on holiday and when you go home you probably get changed.

“Sometimes I get in from work and take all my clothes off – that’s me saying this is now my free time.”

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Source: BBC

Original publication 2 March 2019

Posted on NatCorn 22nd June 2019

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