What’s in a Name? Nudist or Naturist

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What’s in a Name? Nudist or Naturist

How do you define yourself? A Nudist or Naturist? Although both have similarities they do have different meanings depending on which side of the ocean you are on. In the UK the most common term for someone who prefers to be clothes-free is a naturist, while here in Canada and the United States we prefer to use the term nudist (personally I like naturist). So, how do they differ?

A naturist is someone who tends to be clothes-free almost 24/7 and prefers to commune with nature in the open outdoors either at a lake, stream or beach. Even hiking in the wilderness without feeling trapped by an enclosed setting is appealing.

A nudist prefers social nudity within an enclosed private space with no fear of prying eyes or the law. Private resorts or with activities provided by nudist organizations is also something that is enjoyed. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication DECEMBER 15, 2017

18th December 2017

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