You’re working from home

What – you’re working from home, and you’re not naked?!


We were reading articles about people working from home and various tips and tricks related to remote work habits. It was a normal day for me, or almost normal, as we’ve been working from home for years now. Not everyday, except these days, when the exception became the norm, but twice or three times a week. And on a work-from-home day, the one thing that goes away are clothes. Work from home means work entirely naked, at the exception of two notable items: a pair of slippers or sandals and a towel or sarong.

You’re working from home
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Even in winter with a correctly headed room, you can stay naked all day long. However, there’s one tip of my body that keeps getting cold and those are my feet. My house is tiled so the floor can become quickly cold. You may not have this issue.


The second necessary item is a towel. Of course, you can just use a towel you already have, but over the years, I came up with 2 very comfortable choices: the microfiber towels and the sarong.

The microfiber towel is, in our opinion, more comfortable to sit on than a normal towel, so it’s generally our preferred choice in the cold season. Why in the cold season, because, we can also put it around our shoulders if we feel suddenly cold. It will act as a blanket too. In warmer times, we prefer wrapping myself in a sarong and opening it on our chairs, so we can stay naked, while having something to wrap up in case somebody pops up unannounced at the door (despite the fact, that we’re generally opening the door butt naked, having totally forgotten we’re naked).

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 23 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 28th January 2021

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