Naturism is a natural, normal and very healthy lifestyle

What to do, what to say if someone finds out that I’m a naturist?


This question is a pretty classic one among new or aspiring naturists. While naturism is a way of life shared by millions, the stigma attached to it is very present. Associating nudity with sexuality is obvious in our society. If naturists know that our art of life has no sexual connotation, the image is sometimes difficult to erase in the collective unconscious. Here are some ideas for proudly accepting the look of others and demonstrating the values of naturism.

People don’t care!

Others don’t care. Whether you’re a naturist, a hiker or a choral singer, nobody gives it a damn. Not that your passion, your profession or your lifestyle interests anybody. Usually, however, the people you meet will continue to live their lives without worrying about yours.

Naturism, like many other subjects, often challenges ideas. We’re responsible, us naturists, to tell what it is and is not. But don’t worry too much! Assume that most of the people you say you’re a naturist won’t care. They will be almost always astonished, they’ll grin sometimes, and will rarely be shocked. However, you will have a great opportunity to speak about naturism.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 17 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 1st December 2020

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