What to do if my significant other does not like to be naked?

What to do if my significant other does not like to be naked?


You are a naturist and love to walk around in your birthday suit, but your partner does not enjoy the pleasure and comfort of nudity. Rest assured, many couples find themselves in this situation, you are not alone. Many questions then arise. Should I continue to be naked? Should I ask my partner to undress? How to approach the issue of nudity? Etc., etc.

If the situation does not seem simple at first glance, I offer in this article some elements of reflection and discussion around nudity and naturism. They will, I hope, help you discuss naturism, simple nudity, accepted nudity, and ultimately shared nudity. Nudity and naturism are topics that can become controversial as society has done a brilliant job of undermining to impose social and dress standards demonizing nudity and assimilating it to sexuality. If you haven’t read them already, I advise you to start with the following articles: 12 reasons why I’m nudist , 11 ways to be comfortable with naturism and the Le confort de la nudité series that starts with The comfort of nudity – 1/6 – The naked body is only a naked body .

What to do if my significant other does not like to be naked?
Credit Uncertain What to do if my significant other does not like to be naked?

Simple nudity

Open a bottle of wine, make mojitos or tequilas sunrise, make yourself comfortable with your spouse and bring up the subject of nudity and naturism. Two elements are essential to this discussion: a certain openness and a positioning of nudity outside of sexuality. Assuming that your partner is open-minded and accepts honest discussions, approach the discussion of non-sexual nudity by sharing your well-being.

Society, religions and culture generally have a sexualized conception of nudity, the message of which is anchored in people’s minds. It is essential to accept that nudity may not be related to sexuality or exhibitionism. Nudity is a state of being. For most people, nudity should be limited in time and space. We take our clothes off to take a shower, for example, and that’s it. It should never be shared with others. It often happens that spouses stop there. You have to understand it and accept it for the moment. It is difficult to reverse a deeply held belief.

However, this should not prevent us from accepting that other people may have a different conception of nudity. A simple nudity, without sexual connotation, carrier of well-being, comfort and simplicity. In fact, millions of people feel this comfort and this simplicity, for which nudity is healthy and natural, without any visible or hidden connotations.

It is always possible to make rational arguments, such as removing shame from the body, better absorption of vitamin D, or the existence of associations recognized by the state. However, the rejection of naturism is often not rational, but emotional. It is therefore important to act on the emotions by accepting that your partner expresses her discomfort with nudity and that you share your understanding and benevolence with her. Don’t enter conflict, but accept to take a step towards him by understanding his position, while making him accept that others can be different without being perverse, exhibitionists or voyeurs.

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Original publication 30 November, 2020

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