What it’s like to be a life model and pose nude for strangers


‘You’re just the human equivalent of a bowl of fruit to draw or sketch – thinking like that helps with any anxiety’

Disrobing in front of a room full of other people who are are intently staring at you is way out of most peoples’ comfort zone.

But for Kate, who poses nude for life drawing classes, it’s almost preferable to squeezing into a teeny-tiny bikini on the beach.

And for Meg the taking your clothes off thing has proved an overnight confidence-builder and an enriching life experience that has very little to do with nakedness. As the 22-year-old says: “If you can stand in a room naked in front of people you can do anything.”

Meg is wonderfully open minded and said: 'Everybody hones in on the nakedness but that’s not what it’s about'
Credit Uncertain Meg is wonderfully open minded and said: ‘Everybody hones in on the nakedness but that’s not what it’s about’ | WalesOnline/Rob Browne

Both women have modelled for artists as part of the Cardiff Life Models classes, which were held in the city regularly until the pandemic hit. While Meg, a student from Treforest, is an old hand at the modelling scene having done it for more than a year Kate, 37, is relatively new to it and has posed only a couple of times.

Meg, a confident “typical Cancerian” who exudes kindness both down the phone and through the camera, started posing “on a whim” for a bit of extra cash. The £20 per hour certainly comes in handy while she strives for experiences that are “outside the box” and are “fun and different”.

Kate, who has a quiet confidence in a very different way, can understand the fear that comes with taking your clothes off in a room full of people. “I think that’s a legitimate fear if you haven’t eased yourself in with a bit of skinny-dipping or maybe being in an environment with other naked people, which we don’t get a chance to do as Brits,” she said.

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Source: Wales Online

Original publication 11 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 12th March 2021

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