Nude on beach

What Is Stopping You From Trying and Enjoying Nudism?

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We were all born nude and then it started with a diaper and the textile indoctrination began.

Some of us have returned to our natural, naked beginnings but some would like to dip a toe back to shedding our textile requirements.

There are many reasons why people have not tried it and all are valid points. Some have jobs where their employment could be jeopardized; some have had negative experiences at a club or beach; some have a spouse or significant other that does not understand or want to participate; some have religious or familial restrictions and others believe you must have a perfect body to be a nudist

Nude on beach

I have been a life-long nudist. I don’t wear clothes in the house. I enjoy walking in the door and having my clothes spring off like a cartoon character with the requisite “boing” sound. I was satisfied with being a “house nudist” and going to our local nude beach with my husband and a friend or two.

Then I decided to make the leap into “social nudity”. As an introvert and a woman, this was a big step for me. My husband and I have enjoyed going on the Big Nude Boat for the last several years and meeting an entire ship of people who were happy to walk around the ship nude, play games, lay out at the pool or just sit and chat with other nudists. Completely nude. Wow. Not having to get dressed until dinnertime is a real treat and enjoying it with like-minded people makes it even sweeter.

When we joined AANR – American Association of Nude Recreation in April, we were given a whole new set of options. Clubs, beaches and international options for safe, nude recreation. They promote wholesome nudity and do not condone or tolerate any sexual situations or swinging. We have already been to Cypress Cove in Florida and are planning on returning as well as checking out other clubs and beaches.

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Source: Haulover Beach

Original publication August, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st December 2019

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