What Is Naturism To You?

What Is Naturism To You?


While chatting with other naturists, browsing naturist websites and reading the writings of naturist writers, we realized that naturism means different things to each of us. Even, and above all, when we talk to textiles, naturism is defined, perceived and understood differently. We’ll try to go through these views.

Even though it’s not about putting labels or putting people in boxes, it is interesting to consider different points of view to better understand the differences and live better together in harmony. Naturism is not the answer to all the evils of disrespect or the answer to more tolerance in the world. It carries with it values ​​that are necessary for a more peaceful, gentler and more respectful world. Understanding the point of view of others allows us to better meet everyone’s expectations and to contribute to this listening if necessary.

The disgusted textile

“Me naked, never. It’s good for animals and crazy people.” How many times have we heard a sentence like this? Not only it degrades the concept, it reduces the concept of naturism and it does not seek to consider a different point of view, it above all closes the door to any open and benevolent discussion.

Nudity is then seen as dirty and shameful, and its practitioners ostracized, labeled as uneducated people. The textile then looks away, shocked by this nudity exposed for all to see. This person will close the bathroom door and come out only dressed. There is usually no point in trying to convince her with rational arguments. Her mental construction of nudity is firmly anchored by religious, social, cultural or moral principles.

It will then be almost impossible to undress in the presence of such a person. The only hope is then to make him accept nudity and to make him admit its harmlessness. In short, to transform it from disgusted textiles into disinterested textiles.

The disinterested textile

The disinterested textile is one that social nudity does not interest, but she does not interfere with. He sees no reason to undress alone or with others and is comfortable with his or her clothes, even a simple swimsuit.

However, this textile will not be too bothered by the sight of naturists and will be able to coexist with “naked butts.” She shows a form of respect. She stays dressed while those around her enjoy the freedom to be naked.

These are the people naturists are looking for first. They allow them to live naked while respecting their desire to be clothed. Respect is then mutual and harmony can be found. Disinterested textiles can also, in contact with these happy naturists, be tempted by the experience of nudity. He then goes into the camp of curious textiles.

The curious textile

A textile becomes curious and questions this need to be naked and the benefits of simple and shared nudity. The naturist will then be well inspired not only to answer his questions, but above all to offer him a try.

The first experience is often decisive. Being accompanied by one or more seasoned naturists is a big plus for your comfort. Surrounded by experienced nudists, the curious can have immediate answers to her questions and feel confident.

A point that seems crucial to me with the curious is to help him transform his attempt at naturism. For example, by offering him another outing, for example a barbecue or a stay in a naturist resort. Naturism needs more regular practitioners. Help him to pass on the bright side of the force and to become a convinced naturist and at least for the moment bohemian.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 22 January, 2021

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