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What Happened to the Nudist Bloggers?

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This is in response to a great issue raised by new naturist blogger Alexis: What Happened to the Nudist Bloggers?

She begins: “While I’m sitting here watching everyone and listening to the cows moo and the [crickets] chirp, I open up my WordPress app to explore the bloggers realm to see who else I can find to follow that intrigued me. I have found some RV bloggers, travel bloggers, and others just expressing their thoughts about life and philosophy. What I don’t see is a major representation of the nudist community.

“What I don’t see is a major representation of the nudist community.”

Alexis – Sensual Nudist

Excellent observation.

By my count, there are over 500 hundred blogs that have appeared in the past 15 years and dealt mostly with what we know as naturism (or nudism). That doesn’t even count many blogs run by naturist clubs and resorts. Mainly they’ve been in English, but with at least several dozen in other languages. Most of them are now either gone completely or have been dormant for a year or more. Today there may be only 10 or so fairly active naturist blogs. As Alexis – who’s begun naturist blogging in earnest only this year – laments, this is “Kinda saddening for me because I love to see and learn about how others are living their lives naked.” Don’t give up, Alexis!

What happened to the nudist bloggers

What’s happened? Alexis considers a few possibilities: “I’m sure it has a lot to do with life commitments, maybe they started a family, moved, new job, or any other logical excuses. Maybe they just got bored and didn’t have anything else to say, but what I’m most worried about is bloggers becoming discouraged due to the lack of followers, or the floods of spam and other bots.

”Don’t give up, Alexis!”

Naturistplace Blog

I’ve been blogging about naturism for over 15 years (more off than on), and writing about it for 10 years before that, so I have a few more ideas. For one thing, blogging activity itself, on almost any topic, peaked some time ago. It became a “thing” maybe 20 years ago and peaked somewhere in the middle of that time. In its stead we now have things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and “microblogs” in general, which tend to consist mainly of pictures, GIFs, and perhaps only a dozen or so words per item – at most. The Internet is now flooded with “content”, and most people simply don’t have the time or patience to look at more than the tiniest bit of it – especially not much that takes more than two minutes to read.

They are, however, starving without realizing it – because most of the stuff out there now is junk food, with no nutritional value. It takes a fair amount of interest and independence of mind even to be curious about naturism. Most people just don’t have that. If they have any curiosity at all about it, they may read posts on a few naturist blogs – assuming they can even find the good ones – before moving on to their real fascination, with “celebrities” or “sports” stars. And it’s just a fact that to actually take naturism seriously and try to become involved in it isn’t easy for most people, because of prevailing social attitudes towards nonsexual nudity.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 20 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 5th June 2020

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