What Does the Word “Lifestyle” Mean to a Nudist?

What Does the Word “Lifestyle” Mean to a Nudist?

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It happened again today!

Right in the middle of a spiffy new broadcast call The New Nudist Podcast, where host Scott Klein was talking to the ultimate naked podcaster Stéphane Deschânes (from The Naturist Living Show) about whether “the naked lifestyle” is better represented by the word nudist, or naturist. That’s not this blog post! Today’s rant is going after the word “lifestyle.”

Even Nick and Lins, the world’s ultimate nudists, used the word (Lifestyle) three times in a recent landmark article on Prostasia – an organization dedicated to calling out child abuse – about nudity and children. That’s all innocuous enough as they were trying to explain that clothes-free living is, indeed, a particular lifestyle adopted by many, acknowledging that such a lifestyle is not inherently harmful to children.

What Does the Word “Lifestyle” Mean to a Nudist?

But here’s the problem. Every time I hear that word, I think back to that time we were at a little hotel in France where we had failed to read all the reviews regarding the Libertine tendencies therein. I stood, sleepless, outside at the railing late one night, gazing at the stars when a random dude appeared out of nowhere and led out with, [Insert French accent here] “You are here with your wife? You are into the Lifestyle?”

“Mais non!! Je ne sais pas! Mais non, monsieur!” We are not here to make friends with benefits, especially of the sexual variety!

All this to say that if my wife and I were new to the social nudity phenomenon in 2020, and we had to sort out just what that phenomenon is all about, and exactly what we hope we might experience there, the word “lifestyle” would be particularly problematic. Most of us who’ve been around social nudity for a while immediately associate that term with swingers – people who choose to go to places where they will meet other couples and singles who wish to exchange partners. Seasoned naturists recognize the word “lifestyle” in various adverts for luxury cruises and resorts that have found a marketing angle under the guise of nudism. So how on earth do you know what you’re signing up for, though even in marketing, sometimes it’s about naked and sometimes it’s about sex.

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Source: The Meandering Naturist

Original publication 21 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 15th July 2020

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