What Do Nudists Really Do? Part 16


5K Series Continues at Wildwood Naturist Resort

John Steinbeck had Charlie. I have LouLou, a north Texas rescue that a vet in Weatherford, Texas, put down as a blue heeler. She’s been my traveling companion for the last 7 years. She really likes going to nudist places, because a lot of them have doggie parks or other places where she can be off the leash, run, and do other doggie things, and because I seem to relax better nude.

What Do Nudists Really Do?

Wildwood Nudist Resort, Decatur, Texas
Credit Uncertain Wildwood Nudist Resort, Decatur, Texas

We run (or walk) five kilometers naked, or at least we used to. April 10 the Nude Racing Series of the Southwest Region of The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR-SW) resumed. Our last race before that was in October of 2019, so, instead of having a 5-race series, we had a no-race non-series for 2020. The series continued Saturday, April 24, at Wildwood Nudist Resort near Decatur, TX. Wildwood is number 1 in the region for taking care of race participants, volunteers, and pretty much anybody who happens to be around. Star Ranch sells hamburgers and fries after the race. Bluebonnet and Oaklake Trails provide grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for free after the race. Wildwood served a high-carb meal Friday night for those of us who were staying overnight and whoever else happened to be around. Saturday morning, they provided a continental type breakfast. After the race they “only” gave us great potato salad, bread with pasta sauce, green beans, and 3 kinds of grilled, bar-b-que sausage. I say “only” because in pre-COVID days the club furnished several kinds of bar-b-que and members provided pot luck items, always an amazing feast. Cyril, who lives at Barehide Resort, about 34 miles south of Wildwood, brought ice cream cones, and secretly put them in the freezer. (Wildwood is one of several resorts in the region which has a kitchen open for use by guests as long as the camp staff isn’t using the whole kitchen. After the main course, Cyril asked one of the staff for ice cream. When told they didn’t have ice cream, he told them to check the freezer.
I met Cyril close to 20 years ago at Vista Grande Resort, where he was a permanent resident. When the resort deteriorated after the deaths (basically by old age) of the owners, Cyril moved to Armadillo, a few miles away. I moved my membership there, though it was a 253-mile drive one-way. I think Cyril was in every 5k at Vista Grande, Armadillo, Wildwood, and Bluebonnet since that time, and I assume he was doing them before I got involved.
Cyril Ayoub, born in Egypt and speaker of several languages, won his age category at Wildwood, being the only competitor in the 90-94 age group.
I met and interviewed a remarkable young woman after the race and awards. Amanda, age 33, is a CPA from Oklahoma. In several articles, I have included a story about a first-time nudist, but this first-timer is over the top. When she was signing in, I was nearby with my computer, finishing the article about the Star Ranch Nude 5k Race, and overheard her say something about this being her first time. That could have just meant it was her first time at Wildwood. She told me that she knocked a lot off her bucket list. It was her first race of any kind. It was, then, obviously her first nude race. It was her first time nude in public. It was her first medal of any kind. She was the first over-all female, and it was her first time at Wildwood. I do believe that that’s 6 firsts.

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Source: Review Resorts

Original publication 31 May, 2021

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