What are your naturist goals?

What are your naturist goals?


Perhaps the notion of “naturist goals” immediately starts you wondering why naturists even need goals. Isn’t naturism supposed to be about simple pleasure and relaxation? Why would a naturist need to have “goals” – which would require planning and exerting some effort instead of simply enjoying any time that can be spent naked?

And the truth is: no, it isn’t absolutely necessary to set goals for yourself, as far as naturism is concerned. If you’re fully satisfied with being naked at home or when you visit a favorite naturist place, that fine. Enjoy it without reservation. Perhaps you don’t need to read any further.

On the other hand, you might want at least to consider why setting goals could allow you to enjoy naturism even more fully, more often, and in new and different ways.

In the first place, unless you were very fortunate to have been born into a naturist family, there was a time before you had any idea what social nudity is and why it’s so enjoyable. Then something happened that stimulated your interest in naturism. Perhaps you read about it online, you learned that someone you knew was a naturist and highly recommended it, or you learned there was a nude beach not too far away and you wondered what really went on there.

What did you do then? Unless the idea just turned you off, you had to set goals like learning more about naturism, finding a place where being naked with others is possible, and finally getting up the courage to actually go ahead and do it. Each step there represents a goal you established and then made some effort to achieve.

The truth is that for everyone who’s already into naturism there are naturist activities they haven’t yet tried and naturist places they haven’t yet visited. Once they’re aware that such things exist, they have a possible new goal to consider. Any one of these possibilities might be a very welcome addition to what they already do as naturists.

Think about other things you do “just for pleasure”. If you enjoy games like chess, poker, or video games you probably want to keep improving your scores or success ratios. If you’re into creative activities like writing, painting, or photography, you probably want to achieve more satisfying results – by your standards or those of others. Perhaps you enjoy sports like tennis or athletic competitions like marathon running. Then you probably have a goal to keep improving your skill and performance level.

Quite generally, it’s completely natural to actively pursue a goal of raising your current level of achievement and satisfaction in most activities – whether for work or pleasure. That should be no different with naturism. Setting meaningful and realistic goals is fundamental to living well.

But setting goals can do more than help you get additional enjoyment and satisfaction from a chosen activity. As with many of the examples, social nudity is by definition something enjoyed with other people. Therefore a number of reasonable naturist goals can significantly benefit naturism itself. Certain goals will help to normalize nudity and make naturism better understood and more acceptable by the general public.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 20 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 4th March 2021

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