Weekends are nude…

Weekends are nude…


I decided to take my Friday off and enjoy a four-day weekend. As I was thinking about the four days ahead on Wednesday, the idea that weekends should all be nude came to my mind, or should not be real weekends. Well, from a semantic point of view, a weekend is the end of the week. It does not imply activities or level of nudity. However, in our world, the end of the week means for many people a moment of rest. For those who work on “weekends”, the weekend may not be Saturday and Sunday, but this does not change the definition of the end of the week: a moment to rest. In that respect and being an active nudist, my weekends are nude or are not real weekends.

You may agree or disagree. You may find I’m weird. You may think differently. I’m happy with all of this. However, I want to provide my personal view on nudism and what being a nudist means to me, particularly when it comes to weekends and rest time.

What is a nudist?

Recently, there have been many discussions among nudists and naturists about nudism, and particularly the fact that nudists are not people who want to be nude 24×7. Should we consider ourselves nudists if we are okay with being clothed? Do nudists want to be nude every day and everywhere? Are we okay with being nude while others are clothed? There were many questions like this that made me think about what nudism is and what being a nudist means.

I’ve said, like many readers, that I do not like labels. However, words have a meaning and people love to classify other people. For instance, as a nudist, I really appreciate people who are nude when I am, hence other nudists. However, I also appreciate people how are fine with me being nude while they chose to stay clothed. Some nudists I know are not okay with the latter. They feel uncomfortable with clothed people around them. Can we therefore say they are not nudists? I am also okay with people who really dislike nudity and nudism, but share other passions of mine or are closed friends or family I really enjoy spending time with, even though I cannot be naked with them. Therefore, am I really a nudist?

Am I in a sort of a conundrum? Not really!

Let’s get rid of textiles for a moment. Nudists share one common denominator: they enjoy being naked, without deriving sexual pleasure. They enjoy being naked for their own reasons: comfort, freedom, liberation, etc. Many enjoy being naked with other naked nudists, for instance at a nudist beach or resort. Some prefer staying nude on their own. Are they less nudist? Some love to post their naked pictures on the social medias that allow nude pictures, other don’t do this. Up to a point that in almost every nudist resort or beach, you should not take pictures of people without their consent and should never post them on social media, except if they explicitly agree. Do people who do not post their nude self on internet are less nudist?

I had to end the questions, as none was providing the right answer, for a simple reason. There is no true or wrong nudist, there is nothing like less or more nudist, there is no good or bad nudist, per se. There are just nudists: people who enjoy to be nude, alone or with others, for no sexual gratification, but because they just feel good nude!

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Source: Nude and Happy

Original publication 15 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 22nd May 2021

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