We Hosted Our Own Naked Party

We Hosted Our Own Naked Party: Here’s What Happened


If you’ve ever thought about hosting your own naked party or nudist gathering, you’re not alone. As nudists, we often want to share our passion with our friends, bring everyone together and reap the benefits that social nudism has to offer – without it getting weird.

Now, a bunch of friends getting together, taking their clothes off, playing games, and having an awesome time may sound like something straight-forward. And it can be – if you do it right.

But hosting a nudist event for your friends will need a bit more planning than your average house party. This was something my boyfriend and I learned pretty quickly when we started planning our gathering. As we have found from experience, planning is vital when it comes to hosting a party of the nudist or clothing-optional kind.

After all, the last thing we wanted was to end up with a room full of people standing around awkwardly, all at different stages of undress.

Here’s what we did to set up and host our naked party, how it went, and what we learned along the way.

The Secret To Hosting A Successful Naked Party

We first started planning our great naked get-together following a conversation with our friends about the benefits of social nudism. We asked them if they’d be interested in coming to a naked party – not an orgy, as we had to explain a few of times – and they nodded.

But they’d only come if we were the ones hosting.

They wanted to feel safe somewhere they were familiar with, instead of venturing to a nudist party hosted by strangers and stripping off in unknown territory.

The looks of surprise and excitement we got from them when we agreed were all we needed to dive headfirst into our planning stage.

The first thing to note about hosting a nudist gathering is that you can’t expect it to be just like another regular get-together. The ins and outs of hosting a party like this require a little more thought than just sending out invites and buying chips and dips.

After all, many people aren’t comfortable getting totally naked, especially in front of their friends.

And the secret at the heart of hosting a successful non-awkward nudist gathering is the atmosphere. You have to make sure the mood is right, and create a safe, comfortable setting for people to get naked voluntarily.

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Source: Haulover Beach

Original publication 8 December, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 14th May 2021

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