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Watford Naturist Swimming Club (WNSC)

Watford Naturist Swimming Club (WNSC)

Watford Naturist Swimming Club
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Watford Naturist Swimming Club (WNSC) was formed in 1968 by members of the five locally sited naturist clubs (Diogenes, Fiveacres, Gardenia, Spielplatz, and Sun-Folk) in order to provide facilities during the long winter months. In June 2013 the club became incorporated at Companies House as a company limited by guarantee. The club is run by its members and offers a weekly swim in Watford.

The club extends a friendly welcome to everybody. The club actively encourage enquiries from families and couples but we do not discriminate against singles. Many visitors to WNSC are trying naturism for the first time. The members understand that it can be a bit daunting but we’ve all been there so don’t be shy.

WNSC does not own any premises it simply hires facilities locally in which to hold its events. The club has been using the Watford Leisure Centre – Central since August 2008. A swimming session is held every Friday (except Bank Holidays). Doors open at 8.45pm until clear the water at 10.00pm. WNSC is a non-profit making organisation and offers excellent value for money at its events. It charges less than general admission for public sessions, and don’t forget, you don’t need to buy a costume either!

As a swimming club WNSC has become very active on both the national and international scene with members taking part in both the National BN swimming gala and also the INF International Swimming Gala. The club has regularly won the Best Club trophy and our junior swimmers have won the best under 16 awards. There are also opportunities to take part in other sports such as volleyball, pétanque and miniten. Whilst the club takes its sport reasonably seriously this is not a pre-requisite to joining. Most members simply come along to ease the strain of the week.


The Secretary
Watford Naturist Swimming Club
c/o Watford Leisure Centre – Central
Peace Prospect
WD17 3HA

Email: info@wnsc.org.uk

Telephone: 0845 347 9319 (information line)

Website: http://www.wnsc.org.uk/

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