Charcoal 594 x 420mm

Wanted: Life models in Four Lanes, Cornwall


The organiser of a new life drawing group in Four Lanes, near Redruth is seeking life models and anyone who may like to model or has links to any groups or forums where interested people may be.

The group is starting in October and will be every Thursday evening 6.30-9pm.

No experience is required, male/female, all shapes, sizes and ages are welcome.

The opportunity will pay £35 for the session (£14/hour), which will include a break for refreshments and any other breaks the model needs.

If someone would like to try it for the first time, the organiser can work with them and help with suggesting poses. They would need to be able to sit or lie quite still for up to 30 minutes. There would be a mixture of seated, standing and reclined poses, some as short as 1 minute.

The group always works around the model and their comfort is always the priority, for example, there is no problem coming out of a pose early if it’s too uncomfortable.

If you are interested or know of anyone complete the application form below for more details.

Charcoal drawing in heading by Andrew Hubball 

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