Vera Natura opposes a project that reduces and delimits the naturist zone


Veraplayazul denounces that the project for the regeneration of the beach “erodes the excellent neighborhood coexistence between naturists and textiles”

The problem of coastal erosion in the Vera Playa area is an issue that brings residents and residents of this tourist area to their head. After years of demanding a solution for the degradation of Vera’s coasts, there is finally a project for the construction of dikes that slow the advance of the sea, but this project has not finished convincing the neighbors.

So much so that the residents of the naturist community have expressed their discomfort at the inclusion in the project of the intention of “making a clear difference between the nudist and non-nudist areas of this area.”

According to an important part of the neighborhood community of Vera Playa, represented by the Veraplayazul Association, the objective of the project must be exclusively “to face the loss of sand” and not to carry out a segregation between two communities (textiles and nudists) that have shared until today the extensive beach of Vera without any problem.

“If something characterizes this area of ​​the coast, it is precisely the tolerance and peaceful coexistence of those who wish to practice naturism with those who walk through the same area without adhering to this practice,” stated the association in a letter submitted to the Secretariat of State of the Environment.

“The fact of marking a clear difference or a system of visual and physical separation between areas will cause a very important social impact and conflict between both groups that now do not exist,” continues the text, in which it is also considered that, if it were Once the delimitation proposed by the Administration has been carried out, «the traditional naturist beach would be reduced by about 300 meters and the first and largest naturist developments in the area would be left out of it, together with a group of single-family homes also naturists, affecting the surrounding area. of 7,000 people ».

For all these reasons, from the association they request that the references to the delimitation of the naturist-nudist zone be removed from the text of the project. As well as they demand that “the qualification of the practice of naturism in the area” be maintained with the current conditions in which it is practiced “without any variation” at the same time that they remember that the area is considered the world capital of nudism.

“The breakwater is a good for the conservation of the beach and its surroundings, not to divide the people who come to enjoy the beach of Vera” assures a neighbor who spends the summer near the naturist area. “We have never had any kind of problem with this matter, the coexistence between naturists and textiles was never a problem, instead the advance of the coast itself.”

“We do not understand that instead of focusing on the objective of stopping the destruction of the beach once and for all, other criteria are introduced beyond all logic and technical solutions, such as justifying a breakwater because that is how its citizens are divided or compartmentalized” from the neighborhood association. “It is neither within its competence nor are we going to allow an exclusively technical project to erode the excellent neighborhood coexistence that exists on Vera beach between textiles and nudists.”

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Source: Ideal

Original publication 2 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 18th March 2021

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