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Twitcher felt like ‘pervert’ after Facebook banned baby owl vids over nudity rules

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Graham Moss, 68, said it was an “absolute joke” after Facebook removed his footage of baby barn owls sleeping and feeding. He added: “I’ve been labelled a bloody pervert and to me that warrants an apology”

A twitcher says Facebook made him feel like a “pervert” for filming baby owls.

Graham Moss, 68, was shocked to find his live stream of the chicks had been removed for breaking “nudity and sexual activity” guidelines.

After logging on to his Brockholes Wildlife Diary page, he was told the Springwatch-style video had been taken down.

Graham Moss
Medavia Graham Moss blasted Facebook for making him feel like a pervert

Graham said: “It’s an absolute joke as there’s nothing on the stream that constitutes public nudity or sexual activity.

“You see all sorts on Facebook. I mean, things that are absolutely scandalous. But they’re not blocked, and they go and do that to my little wildlife site.”

In the videos, filmed by cameras in nestboxes on his acre of land, baby barn owls can be seen sleeping and feeding. The page’s 367 members have loved watching their antics.

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 11 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 20th July 2020

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