This man was seen walking his dog naked on May 12 this year

‘Try it for yourself’ – naturist group defend the right to get their kit off in public

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Two people have been spotted out for a walk with no clothes on in Lincolnshire this year

A naturist group has defended the right to be nude in public after two sightings of naked ramblers in Lincolnshire.

The Naturist Action Group (NAG) contacted Lincolnshire Live after an article was published about a man spotted walking naked alongside a busy road near Billinghay last month.

This came after another man was seen walking his dog along with River Witham in May this year.

The group explained that they wanted to change the way that naturism was covered in the media.

The Naturist Action Group at a picnic in Hampstead Heath, London
Naturist Action Group
Naturist Action Group
The Naturist Action Group at a picnic in Hampstead Heath, London

Duncan Heenan is the leader of the group.

He said: “Naked protests are becoming commonplace, such as the World Naked Bike Ride, which happens in most major cities nowadays, and judging by the almost universal good reactions from bystanders, no one seems to mind.

“However, naturism in city parks is quite likely to take off. In fact, it has already started in London, where the authorities have accepted that naturist use of Hampstead Heath is legal, and naked picnics have taken place with no problems.

“Quite a few cities on the continent have demarcated naturist areas in their parks, so why not here?”

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Source: LincolnshireLive

Original publication 26 JUN 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th June 2019

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