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Tourists who fall ill with coronavirus in Cornwall ‘will have to pay to stay for 14 days’

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Tourists will be warned that if they fall ill with coronavirus while visiting Cornwall and are unable to return home they will have to pay to remain in their accommodation for 14 days.

It is just one piece of advice which has been included on an information pack which will be issued to all accommodation providers ahead of them being able to open this weekend.

The advice has been put together by Visit Cornwall with help from public health officials and tourism businesses.

Sunset at Kynance Cove,
Marcus Jose Sunset at Kynance Cove

Visit Cornwall chief executive Malcolm Bell detailed the advice in a briefing on Thursday.

He said that the information sheets would be distributed to businesses and placed in accommodation for visitors when they arrive.

“We have strong messages from the RNLI and coastguard about being safe on the beach and in the water. The last thing we need is additional strain on the blue light services.”

Visit Cornwall chief executive Malcolm Bell
Visit Cornwall Chief Executive Malcolm Bell
Visit Cornwall Visit Cornwall Chief Executive Malcolm Bell

Mr Bell said: “It has the main message about being safe and reminds people that we are only managing, mitigating and reducing this threat. The way to do that is around social distancing and getting the messages around that.”

He added: “We are reinforcing the think, plan, book message and we talk about beaches and the idea that they have to have a plan B. If they turn up and the beach is busy, be ready to go on somewhere else.

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Source: The Falmouth Packet

Original publication 3 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 7th July 2020

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